my name is sacha or quincy and im a disaster
21 years old, he/it pronouns

interests include
cars, lingustics, kaijus, toy collecting, mixology, paleontology, tattoos
pokemon, super mario, splatoon, ace attorney, overwatch, fallout
dorohedoro, linkin park, always sunny


im a bisexual trans man
white russian living in finland
taken & polyam
autistic + bipolar, ocd
unemployed </3


don't follow if
under 17, terf or truscum, support cops, pro-shipper, defend the ussr (lmao)
just dont be a freak

i use blockchains so if you don't know why you're blocked.. thats probably it
i like keeping my ratio even so i unfollow non-mutuals
i'm aversed to DMs, please don't message me unless we're friends!